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The Power of Faith

The Law of Faith is founded upon the recognition that we know more than we have read, heard, or studied. We Know more because we ARE a part of the ALL. We have a direct link to universal wisdom. We only have to look within, listen, discern, and then TRUST. We need to develop more trust in our own deepest intuition and wisdom as the final arbiter and source of our decisions. The Spiritual Law of Faith tells us that confidence within ourselves is faith within itself.

If we have a foundation of self-worth and self-esteem no one is able to undermine us if we trust our own abilities.

Faith is the foundation for positive manifestation. The Spiritual Law of Faith tells us that faith is the greatest power that there is. If we have total faith in an outcome, it will come about. Faith is total trust in the Divine. Faith dispels fear.

Faith is a quality of such high frequency that it is able to transcend the lower vibrations, and makes the impossible become possible.

Faith allows miracles to happen.

Faith means constantly listening to and abiding by our intuition and inner-guidance.

“Faith it’s all about believing, you don’t know how it will happen, but you know it will.”

With Lots of Love and Gratitude,



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