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The law of Intention and Desire

What is intention?

It's our purpose, objective, goal, wish and or desire.

The Law of Intention is based on the fact that there is always an infinite amount of energy and information present to create what ever we desire.

In other words "Intention is what orchestra the fulfilling of our dreams "Intention is fulfilling!

In order to manifest our desires using the power of intention, FIRST we have to bring our awareness into the present moment.The NOW!.. what is happening right now, not a minutes ago or what will happen later.

Probably you have heard this phrase before,


Yes, intention or attention is energy in motion.

Where ever we put our ATTENTION or INTENTION in a conscience or un- conscience level, energy will go there.Thats why, it is very important to be aware of what is happening at that moment, around us, inside us, our thoughts, feelings..?

INTENTION is a force of nature, is what CREATES our REALITY!

Since we are capable of conscious AWARENESS, we can change the energy and information causing things to manifest or stop manifesting.

Change is brought about by conscious ATTENTION & INTENTION!

ATTENTION energizes (gives energy) to the Law of Attraction, which then pulls your desires to you!

Whatever you put your ATTENTION on increases.

Whatever you remove your ATTENTION from diminish and disappears.

INTENTION transforms (changes form) your quantum information and energy into what you put your ATTENTION on by organizing it using infinite correlation till you manifest your desires! This is how the Law of Attraction pulls your desires to you like a magnet!

When you put your ATTENTION on the object of your INTENTION, it will orchestrate an infinite number of events to materialize your desires.

DESIRE, without action, usually happens when your intentions are contaminated with negative programs blocks or believes.

YOUR INTENT IS FOR THE FUTURE, BUT YOUR ATTENTION MUST BE IN THE PRESENT! Meaning that your attention must be focused on the actions you can take today that will manifest your intentions for tomorrow!

Only the PRESENT, which is conscious AWARENESS, is REAL.

With lots of Love and Gratitude



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