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Spring Equinox and the International Day of Happiness

Today Wednesday March 20th, 2019 we celebrate Spring Equinox and The International Day of Happiness

The Spring Equinox is the beginning of spring, it is the zero point where day and night are equal.

This symbolic point of balance has been celebrated by all our ancestors since the beginning of time. In cultures across all our planet this period marks an initiation and a symbolic integration of the forces of light and dark.

I came across this poem that I like to share with you ...

The Wheel of the Year turns again,

and the vernal equinox is here.

Light and dark are even,

and the earth begins to change.

The soil awakes from its slumber,

and new life springs forth once again.

The Equinox reminded us of the need for balance. As we integrate the light and shadow aspects within ourselves and others and find the dance between them, we harmonize our polarities.

Consider welcoming spring with some rituals to welcome change, growth, and renewal for yourself.

Rituals can intentionally and effectively impact feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.

This is the time to plant some seeds, honor yourself, acknowledge Father Sun and Mother Earth with gratitude for all their healing and support.

Spring Equinox is a time of personal rebirth. as we can practice spring cleaning in our physical spaces like home, office, car, and other spaces it is also a good way to get our physical, mental and emotional personal home in order for new beginning and renew yourself. It is a time to organize your life and make new plans.

Place your hands on your heart and ask yourself

What do I want?

What I need to release or let go?

Which habits I want to change?

How do I want to feel?

What values I want to align with?

What desires I am following?

Don’t let old habits and belives that they don’t serve you stand in your way.

Here are also some ideas for some actions you can take that will help you

Clean your car (inside and out)

De-clutter your home

Donate that clothe and shoes you don’t use and need

Start and commit a new exercise program

Sign up on a class you been wanted for long time

Commit some time to go out into nature

Clean your refrigerator

Start and commit a time to meditate every day

Take care of your body with healthy food and exercise

Nature your mind with healthy and loving thoughts an affirmation.

Acknowledge the good things and people in your life, say Thank you!

If you need some help with that email me, I will be happy to help you.

Get a plant or seeds and choose what metaphorical seeds you are planting this season, and how you will water them

Try new things, be creative.

What you seed or plant grows: if you plant avocado seeds, don’t expect to get apples. The same goes for intentions and mindset: if you’re always planting negative seeds such as, “I can't do that” or “I’m not good enough,” how can you expect positivity and abundance to come into your life? Plant what you want to harvest.

You can use plants as a physical reminder of your journey.

Set clear intensions and nurture them with love, gratitude, commitment and discipline.

As we also celebrate The International Day of Happiness ,seeks to celebrate and promote world happiness as a fundamental human goal.

Practicing unity and equality with love, compassion and gratitude.

Everyday celebrate and enjoy yourself!

With Lots of love and gratitude!



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